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Elephant Kratom

This is a rare strain of Kratom selectively harvested from the deep jungles of Southwest Malaysia and would be most similar to the Bali Strain, although it quality is at least twice that of a good Bali and on level with the quality of the best Maeng Da.   

It's indigenous to Malaysia and sports a much wider and larger leaf than premium Kratom. The leaf is dark green with a white veins and stem. This is the best quality Malaysian Kratom Strain we have come across, even better than Super Green Malay "SGM". It's worth the extra price and trouble to harvest. It's milled to a very fine powder that is very vibrant green color because of the indoor quick drying process used.Affectionately named by KE as Super Elephant Kratom because this is how the Malaysian locals refer to it.

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Super Elephant <br>(100 Grams)
Super Elephant
(100 Grams)
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Super Elephant <br>(250 Grams)
Super Elephant
(250 Grams)
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Super Elephant <br>(500 Grams)
Super Elephant
(500 Grams)
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Deveined Super Maeng Da
250 Grams
Super Green Bali
(250 Grams)
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